Multi Colour Foam Pad Sponge & Plastic Scrub Pads

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  • Easymart Nylon dish wash scrubber for kitchen; premium quality plastic dish wash scrub pad
  • Quick Cleaning - Easy Rinsing Long Lasting Won't Rust Contains No Metal - Cleans Without Scratching
  • Set of 6 - Multi-Colour Kitchen Cleaning Non-scratch Scrub Sponges for Multi-Surface and Multi-Purpose.
  • Multi Colour Foam Pad Sponge & Plastic Scrub Pads Foam Pad Sponge Scourer Kitchen Scrubber for Dish/Utensils/Tiles Cleaning Heavy Quality

multi-colour kitchen cleaning non-scratch scrub sponges for multi-surface and multi-purpose. Helps fast cleaning - easy rinsing - long lasting -won't rust, contains no metal - cleans without scratching, suitable for cleaning pans, bowls, dishes, stainless steel, plastic ware, Teflon, windows, microwaves, pet dishes, car white walls, car windows, bird baths/fountains, wood moulding, china dishes, copper cookware, showers, shower doors, sinks, guns, wood panelling and etc. made of polyester and polyurethane. Cleans baked-on foods and other messes without harming non-stick surfaces! These scrubs challenge any cooking mess. a must have tool in every kitchen. Non Scratch Cleaner - Our offered product is formulated with best in class product and advance technology according to the set market norms. Its non-acidic nature reduce damage to the utensils (non-stick cookware), toilet surface/the cement coating in between the surface and enhance the life of the toilet