Tea Coffee Stainless Steel Strainer( Medium)

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SKU 882_Tea_Coffee_Strainer
  • Contain 3pc set (7cm , 8cm, 9cm diameter food grade strainer)
  • Features a long handle and a resting ring designed to fit over a variety of pots and bowls.
  • Great for tea straining and powdered sugar dusting
  • Dishwasher safe

Products are manufactured with high quality material for long durability. Conical shape fits easily in cups, mugs & ensures the liquid does not spill. The right assortment of strainer sizes allows you to save time & be more efficient. The sizes are needed to handle your straining , filtering, sieving, sifting & rinsing task. Nest the strainers together for space saving storage. The sealed steel rims prevents food from getting trapped between the mesh & the rims.